Corporate Team Building; One Team One Vision

Improve your team’s performance quickly, along with a laugh or two!

Build a Performance Team Culture

The business world is changing quickly and teams need to be nimble, efficient and innovative!

After your Team Experience with NexLevel Challenge, your team will be more effective and able to use simple teamwork principles to unlock exponential co-operative growth.

High Performance Teams:
    • Trust one another
    • Challenge each other around ideas
    • Commit to decisions
    • Hold one another accountable
    • Focus on achieving collective results
If you want to increase your productivity & profitability by helping your teams function better, you are in the right place!
Our Corporate Team Programs are designed to:
    • Improve communication & collaboration
    • Enhance strategic thinking & problem solving
    • Create a team culture build on strong relationships

“A half-day of play will do more for teamwork than a year working in the office.”

~ Owner
Precision Alignment & Brake

“This shared experience broke down barriers in our team while building confidence & trust.”

~ Wawanesa Calgary
Leadership Team

“What exhilarating team fun! It was great to conquer fears in a challenging and safe environment.”

~ Thompson Wealth Mgmt
RBC Securities

Program Options

Your Stronger Team is Waiting….

Do you want to guarantee a better team over the long-term? Our parent company, NexLevel Challenge, does just that.

Team Training is the ideal combination of team building and training; designed to fast track your team’s efficiency & productivity, leading to improved profit margins.

  • Unique, innovative and relationship-focused
  • Practical, useful and science-based

Plus, with a government training grant, you get a 6-month engagement for close to the same investment as a one-day team retreat.

Learn About Team Training with LASTING Results