Running a school is not easy and we are here to help! A strong school faculty is able to create a strong learning environment for their kids.

Our programs help staff build a strong culture built on respect, understanding and trust. We will provide dynamic professional development and team building programs focused on developing creative problem-solving skills, increasing team communication and creating more effective conflict resolution skills.

Team Building 101 is our signature program for school staff & faculty. This 2 or 3 hour experience can occur on site at your school, at our Red Lodge Ropes Course facility or at a venue of your choice.

Participants will:

  • Have the opportunity to better understand one another, creating a comfortable transition back at school
  • Have greater awareness of the power of teamwork
  • Work towards an atmosphere of cooperation, encouragement and mutual support
  • Assess team tasks and explore how group resources can be best utilized to increase effectiveness
  • Develop effective & clear communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Laugh and have a great time!

Fostering Excellence

Experiential learning works. Contact us today to book your team building program.