Unleashing Student Potential

Our school programs can be custom designed, to accomplish your specific goals and objectives, and can be facilitated at our Red Lodge Ropes Course facility or on-site at your school. Our various programs, focused on student team building and student leadership development, are based on recognizing the different challenges and abilities at each grade level, as well as an understanding of school staff dynamics.

Creating Community

At the beginning of a new school year this great program provides the opportunity for connection and transition. We have created a series of activities which are directed at providing innovative ways to involve and include new students into an existing group. When new students build trust and new relationships, their academic success rate improves dramatically. We understand how to break down barriers and build community while engaging students in fun, skill-building activities.

Camaraderie 101!

Our Camaraderie Level 1 program provides opportunities for students to discover their own abilities. Through action based games and activities your students learn the value of working as a team, building positive relationships with others by helping, trusting and communicating.

We work with school classes at various grade levels to develop individual growth and mutual respect in a team context.

Leadership Skills – Level 1

This program is designed to teach teens how to better understand who they are, having them step out of their comfort zones to live to their full potential. They are empowered to communicate in a positive, effective way. Our peer leadership approach combined with support from our staff ensures your student leaders become better equipped to carry their leadership skills forward into new contexts.

Leadership Skills – Level 2

We will take your student leaders to the “Nexlevel” with this challenging program geared toward senior student leaders and mature students. This program helps build skills, strategies and tools to help them become more effective leaders. The focus is on communication, learning how to facilitate group discussions and decisions, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. For this program, we use our full Red Lodge Ropes Course including the high, medium and low level elements, in addition to other action-based activities.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

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