Are you looking for ways to motivate your team of young people and get them working together?

We are committed to using our expertise and our Red Lodge Ropes Course to help shape the leaders of tomorrow. We provide programs and experiences for a wide range of youth groups, including youth at risk, aboriginal youth, church groups and boys and girls clubs.

Our expertise is in using team building exercises as a way to enhance self-esteem and self-efficacy, to help youth see how much they are capable of, and the greater potential to be gained through working as part of a team. Youth learn what it takes to establish healthy relationships with others and to develop trust for the other members of their group.

Our team building program objectives can include:

  • Respect and trust among peers
  • Building relationships and community
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Self-confidence and self-efficacy

We understand youth.

Our outdoor Red Lodge Ropes Course provides the ideal opportunity for young people to learn more about themselves and others. Our programs include a wide variety of games and co-operative activities focused on communication, trust, leadership, conflict resolution and problem solving.

Our programs involve both ground-level initiatives and high-challenge course program options.

Youth, who experience our programs and our course, can see dramatic changes in their self-esteem, personal well-being, independence, ability to collaborate and cooperate with others, and in their ability to gain new problem-solving skills.

Our adventure-based activities empower youth to live to their full potential; helping to develop creativity and insight. These learned skills will then be applied to future learning and real-life situations whether it is with peers, teachers, family or community.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

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