The Red Lodge Ropes Course is an extensive high ropes course located at the Red Lodge Guest Ranch west of Bowden, AB.

Our course provides exhilarating and rewarding team building options for groups. The course is also a great venue for family and friends to have some fun doing something completely different.

In a controlled and safe environment you step out of your comfort zone to overcome your fears. Personal limits will be pushed as you achieve goals you could only ever have imagined.

High ropes Bowden

Our Ropes Course consists of many challenging elements!

Ground or Low Elements

Ground elements challenge groups and individuals to support one another in accomplishing tasks through a series of real and imaginary obstacles.

Our low elements allow participants to practice leadership skills including decision-making, problem solving, and communication. Programs on these low elements enhance team building skills and increase camaraderie within a group.

Ground Activities may include: Cooperative Activities, Group Initiatives & Trust Building Activities.

Low Ropes

These elements are used in conjunction with our team building programs and are not used for recreational purposes.

High Ropes

Our High Ropes Course is an exciting vehicle for developing confidence, resilience, and trust. The course promotes flexible use, provides varied levels of challenge and meets the unique needs of all participants.

All equipment and training is provided by our Certified Challenge Course Practitioners and SAFETY is our top priority. Age and height restrictions are in place on our high course to protect the safety of our participants.

There are two different types of elements on our ropes course:

  1. Our dynamic course consists of 11 elements and is typically used for our team programs. Participants are belayed from the ground by NexLevel operators or by their teammates and will either traverse across or climb an element. There are usually two climbers at a time and the focus is on working as a team to support one another.
  2. The 12 static elements are located on the top tier of our course. Using a ground partner for support, participants self-belay across a variety of elements. The static course is the most engaging and challenging part of our Challenge course.