Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building and experiential learning programs are the focus of our Red Lodge Ropes Course adventure. These programs provide insights for the members of your organization where they will gain a greater awareness of the group process. Your team will learn skills that will promote healthier working relationships when they return to their office.

Experiential team building programs provide the opportunity for individuals  to dramatically accelerate their learning and enhance the transfer of these lessons back to their day-to-day lives. Fun and unique problem solving challenges allow participants to experience the shift between a team and a super charged team!

And, everyone will have fun at the same time.

Teamwork Excellence

Focuses on bringing the team together to better understand how to best leverage one another’s strengths.

This program takes place on the ground and does not include any high ropes. Individuals of all physical abilities will be able to fully engage and participate in the programming.

This program focuses on fun problem solving challenge initiatives that are practical and highly interactive. They allow team members to step into their strengths and better understand how to effectively support their team members.

Allows team members the opportunity to experience the shift between ineffective & effective communication, collaboration, leadership & strategic thinking.

Teamwork Excellence Brochure

Teamwork to New Heights

A highly interactive and practical experience that allows team members to step into their strengths and truly understand their team members. This experiential program will revolutionize the way your team members respond to others and work at resolving differences.

Teamwork to New Heights will include a variety of ground activities as well as the team challenge high ropes. This high ropes experience is designed to focus on team engagement, inclusion and trust and will challenge individual comfort zones.

There are a variety of participation options and individuals are not required to climb the high ropes to participate with their team.

Teamwork to New Heights Brochure

For companies interested in driving positive change, and creating a highly engaged team culture, please view our results focused team training solution with NexLevel Challenge Ltd.

“Build Teams that Work”.