Unleashing Student Potential

Grade 9 Transition Program

Why focus on Grade 9 transition?

The first few days of High School set the stage for the entire year, and Grade 9 students in particular, who are making a major transtion at a vulnerable time, have many questions & anxieties and find themselves unanchored in a new social environment.

Social inclusion is critically important and school success, at the very core, is dependent on strong inclusive social relationships. The transition to high school is a process of inclusion and engagement that extends well beyond the first few days.

“NexLevel Challenge programs have been an overwhelming, innovative hit with many of our student groups. They reach students in a very interactive and engaging way and the programs inspire and challenge our youth to be the best they can be. The team at NexLevel always strikes a chord with our students in a personal and reflective manner, which is one reason we keep bringing these programs back.”

Janet Cornell, Family School Wellness, Chinooks Edge School Division
Hugh Sutherland School, Carstairs

Our Grade 9 team building programs:

At our Red Lodge Ropes Course facility
5 hr program up to 40 students – $2,400 + GST

Onsite at your school or venue of choice
4 hr program up to 80 students  – $2,900 + GST

Faculty and Staff

Running a school is not easy and we are here to help! A strong school faculty is able to create a strong learning environment for their kids.

Our programs help staff build a strong culture built on respect, understanding and trust. We will provide dynamic professional development and team building programs focused on developing creative problem-solving skills, increasing team communication and creating more effective conflict resolution skills.

The entire staff from Sundre High School and Sundre Learning Centre took part in team building and problem solving challenges which opened our eyes to different group dynamics and problem solving techniques.  It was amazing to see everyone take on leadership roles in the different activities, and to benefit from the facilitators probing questions during the debrief sessions after each task.  The challenges were thought provoking and required a total group effort to succeed.  Our staff came away energized and ready to work together to meet our common goals.

Scott Saunders, Vice-Principal, Sundre High School
Sundre Learning Centre


Our team, at the Red Lodge Ropes Course, will customize experiential, adventure programs  for your post-secondary students to enhance their overall college experiences and sense of community. These programs will benefit all new students, incoming residents, resident assistants, and new class and organization team leaders.

Experiential learning is a proven method to assist students in building the following positive attributes:

  • leadership skills
  • interpersonal skills: communication, problem solving, decision making
  • development of a sense of community
  • trust and respect for others
  • goal setting and accountability
  • increased self-confidence and self-esteem