The Secret to Building a Winning Team

We believe in making a difference and inspiring change!

We work with teams who recognize the need for team members to create a bond and work towards one common goal. Team building outside of regular practice has a dramatic impact on the court, rink or field.

The Red Lodge Ropes Course, a division of NexLevel Challenge, offers a unique solution, on-site or off-site, for any sports team to bond and develop essential skills to increase their team’s success.

Team players will gain a greater awareness of the group process and learn skills they can take home to promote healthier and more successful relationships…all while having a ton of fun!

Team Cohesion

All teams include members with different skills & abilities. This skill variance is often a hindrance in the cohesion of the team. At the Red Lodge Ropes Course, we work with team members to cultivate individual confidence, mutual respect, and a recognition of shared goals which supersedes talent.
We can take your sports team to a new level of commitment, cohesion and success.

Team Communication

In every sport, team members need to develop communications skills, which are vital to executing excellent plays. Our activities include cultivating these important skills while engaging in fun & exciting team challenges.

“Our soccer team had an excellent team building experience with NexLevel Challenge.  The girls spent the morning playing games that encouraged creative problem solving and teamwork, then spent the afternoon on the high ropes course, working as pairs to navigate the tricky high wires!  It was a great day, and there was a lot of excited chatter on the way back to Calgary.  It was an excellent way to build camaraderie and team spirit!”

Janet K, Calgary Northside Soccer

Develop Dynamic Teams. Deliver Results.

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